Casting Call

"The Cliff"


An eclectic group of friends test their bonds when they make a decision that pushes them to the edge… of a Cliff…, literally…
Production type:
Project length:
15-20 minutes
Shooting location: 
Greater Manchester and North Wales
Shared revenue model. Credited work with resulting footage available for showreel and expenses covered. Pilot will be showcased/pitched with the aim to produce web series.
Via video call

* All dates subject COVID restrictions and government guidelines

** To be arranged with cast

*** An additional date might be required dependent on progress, if needed it will be discussed with crew and cast

Key Dates*

Auditions: 12/02/2021 and 19/02/2021

Shooting of promo videos: w/c 22/02/2021**

Rehearsals:  19 - 20/03/2021
Shooting:       23/04/2021  -  26/04/2021***
If you’d like to apply for any of the roles, please send your headshot, CV and, showreel (if possible) to  Videocall read-through will be 12th and 19th of February 2021 and we’ll contact you soon after of you emailing to tell you if we’d like to progress with your application.


MID 20s, RP Accent

Caucasian, any build

Wealthy and entitled, with little empathy. Is occasionally capable of redemption after deep self-reflection but only certain people bring it out of him. He is closest to E and romantically linked to O.



LATE 20s, Standard London Accent

Any appearance

Well educated and hardworking. Always up for a good time and a friend to everyone. Very liberal, passionate about social, environmental causes, and pansexual. Has a dark side if pushed. 



EARLY-MID 20s, Welsh Accent

Petite, blonde

Confident and very into fitness and fashion. Often perceived as shallow but frequently surprises people. Strong minded but easily persuaded when it comes to G, who she tries to deny her attraction to.



EARLY 20s, Scottish Accent

Blonde, light brown hair, with bear

Down to earth, funny and smart, with strong morals. Sometimes temperamental and often clashes with G. Many girls find him attractive but he’s quietly insecure and oblivious.

Blonde, light brown hair, with bear



LATE 20s, Northern Irish Accent

Red hair

Quietly confident and observant, keeps opinions close to chest but definitely loosens up after alcohol. Peacemaker and a dark horse.


MID-LATE 20s, French Accent

Mediterranean look

Engaged to M. Very laid back and witty. Cool and confident, sometimes a bit arrogant.



MID 20s, Polish/Eastern European

Any appearance

Engaged to F. Very smart – worldly rather than academically though. Sassy and seductive. Very strong character.



EARLY 20s, Spanish Accent

Mediterranean look

Sweet and endearing. Seems to have a cold every other month and wears as many layers as she can. Keen to learn as much as she can about British culture.



EARLY 20s, German/Nordic Accent

Any appearance

Friendly, but a bit shy, recently left parent’s home and still finding her way. But quietly confident.

EXTRAS, Aged 18-28, University students and party goers.



Shaved Head Eccentric (with tattoos and bear)



Attractive Guy



University students